We encourage You to try our breakfasts. We prepare them on our own, using the best products from our local providers. We also make some of the produce on our own: ours are jams, juices, seasonal vegetables and fruits, roast meat, we bake our sourdough bread using rye flour.

We serve breakfasts directly in Your rooms, in the summer on the balconies and in the garden at the individually booked time (between 9am and 10am.)

There is no fixed menu as we serve what we currently have at home 🙂
There is no fixed menu, we use only the freshest seasonal produce.
We are ready to adapt to various dietary restrictions.
Please book Your breakfast at least one day prior.

Below You can find several sample breakfast sets:

pancakes with cottage cheese
fried eggs with mushrooms and roasted bacon
salad with sprouts
leaf tea with elderberry flower

oats with berries
raspberry tomato from my garden, with onion
fresh vegetables from the garden
warm white sausage with horse-radish, mustard and ketchup
bread with unsalted butter
green leaf jasmine tea

yeast pancake with caster sugar
eggs filled with mushrooms
home-baked bread
a set of freshly made herb butters, with herbs from the garden
sencha-pineapple leaf tea

pancaces with homemade jam
porridge with raisins and apples
homemade sausage
baked zucchini with herbs
cottage cheese with chives and radish
black leaf tea with elderberry flower

oven-bakedeggs in a roll with mushrooms, spinach and parmesan
a set of regional cheese
Greek salad
homemade jam
homemade charcuterie
leaf tea: Zhen mei jasminom and Ceylon nuwara eliya