Respectable Domovoy’s Rules

Playground’s rules:

  • Children must be under adult supervision.
  • The caretaker is responsible for child’s safety
  • It is forbidden to climb on the roof and upper scaffolding
  • Do not litter!
  • Do not put sand in the sink!
  • Having (when you have) finished playing, please clean up the area: toys and dishes should be placed on the appropriate shelves, and sweep the sand off the hut’s tops and floor.

I am an old Slavic guardian spirit of this hut. I watch out for the farmstead, help in everyday housework, and look after animals.
I am treated as a family member, so you could leave me some soup or make an extra sandwich for me. Careful though, if I get neglected, I may take revenge and break all the plates! At night, I walk around the house and check if all children are sleeping.
I live by the stove, under the threshold, in the attic, in the pigpen and in the barn. I can also turn into a dog or cat.
You can play with me in your imagination for as long as you want and in exchange I shall take you for a night walk to the secret hideouts of this garden.