We are pleased to create exceptional atmosphere in our lovely Samoniówka Residence. It is very important for us to provide our customers unique conditions during their stay in Nałęczów. We fulfill ecological requirements to protect local and global environment.

Samoniówka environmental policy

It means that we care about nature in many ways. One of our beloved activities is tending and developing our garden, so that our visitors could experience a special connection with the nature, relaxing and regenerating surrounded by clean and healthy environment.

According to environmental policy requirements, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Reduce the consumption of electric energy and natural gas,
  2. conduct proper waste segregation,
  3. prevent ground, water and air contamination.

Our customers are informed about the ecological terms. We constantly develope ways and means of environmental protection. Environmental policy is available in our website.

Monika i Radosław Samoń-Drzewicy
Nałęczów, A.D. 2015