We encourage You to use various massage offers provided at our place.

Our massage offer includes:
1. Classic massage: spine, relaxing, sport, Chinese bubble. Price range from 70 to 130zł.

2. MAURI— we particularly recommend this one. It is not just a massage. MAURI is a ritual. One needs at least two hours for this light full-body massage: from toe tips up to your face and head. It is provided by a masseur who also dances. It can also be conducted in the garden. It is best not to plan anything for the day following the massage… A tea, blanket and relax only 🙂 Price: 160zł.

3. Package for two workshop — a lesson of touching each other and learning how to massage your significant other. It is provided by the MAURI masseur. This package usually lasts about 3 hours. Price: 270 zł.

4. Package for two — simultaneous massage for a couple, provided by two masseurs. It is also a MAURI massage. Very pleasant since You can see your significant other 🙂 Such meeting service usually lasts about 2 hours. Price: 320 zł.

In order to book a massage, You will need to contact us individually and in advance so that we can prepare the place and make a booking at masseurs.

Sometimes it might happen that the standard booking is impossible because of bad aura and weather outside while a room for massage is unavailable. We can then offer a massage in Your room or outside our property.