Welcome to lovely Samoniówka Residence

The Samoniówka Residence lays in the health resort village – the place where customers need to take a desirable rest, regenerate, calm their body and bring back wellness.

For this reason we kindly request to get familiar with Samoniówka’s rules and regulations.


  1. Due to our registration book management, as well as the necessity to account for climatic levy, guests are kindly requested to show theiridentification documents at the reception andmake the payments after arrival.


General information:

  1. The hotel day starts at 3 PM and lasts till 12 AM.
  2. Nigth time starts at 10 PM and lasts until 6 AM. We gently ask for respecting the quiet hours due to all guests well-being.
  3. Inside the residence smoking is strictly forbidden. Guests are allowed to smoke outside the building, on terraces. Guests, who smoke inside their rooms, will be oblidged to make double payment for every day spent in the apartment. Using open fire inside rooms as well as inside the entire building is also forbidden.
  4. In case you would like to rearrange part of furniture set, you are asked to firstly discuss the idea with hosts.
  5. Inside every room you can find dishware, cutlery and a chopping board. Some of the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette. Please, protect the furniture and do not slice food without using a chopping bord. Thank you.
  6. If you want to use a microwave oven or a boiling pot, the appliances are ready to use in a minibar. Inside the hall you can also find an iron with an ironing board. For the sake of mutual safety, guests are requested for not using their own electric appliances (such as coil heaters, boiling pots, irons, grills, etc.). Thank you.
  7. If you use a microwave oven, please, cover your dish with a plastic lid to keep the interior of the appliance clean.
  8. Please, try to maintain tidiness in the kitchenette. Do not leave it, untill you wash the dishes, hide them in a sideboard and clean the worktop and the kitchen sink.
  9. We offer coffee, tea and sugar for free. You can find the products in the minibar.
  10. During warm season, strictly when radiators are out of use, guests are requested to dry their wet clothes and towels outside the room, on a terrace drier.
  11. Guests are oblidged to pay for any damage or destruction of tangible goods they or their children are responsible for.
  12. Number of guests staying in one apartament is determined by the contract. People who visit our customers in the apartaments are oblidged to leave the residence before quiet hours.
  13. In case of any problems or defects, please contact the owner: 607 507 879.


  1. Wet tiles in bathrooms are slippy! Please, be careful during taking a shower or washing!
  2. Inside some of lately restored bathrooms you will find no footbath in the bottom of the shower cabin. Instead, there are installed special tresholds, which are marked by outstanding colour to increase your safety.
  3. When you move up and downstairs, please hold the handrail.
  4. Be careful while moving outside the house. Along the sidewalks as well as in the garden you may come across footsteps or downslopes of the ground.
  5. Your car is parked on Samoniówka Residence premises, yet the owners do not take responsibility for the vehicles, as the parking is free and unguarded. For this reason we advise not to leave any personal goods inside a car. The gate is closed during night time.
  6. Please, lock up the door of your room when you leave it. We do not take responsibility for your belongings left in the area of the property.
  7. Our garden has not got a finished structure yet – we still work on the project and develope it. For your safety, we recommend you not to get down along the declined terrain, because the ground over there is rugged.

Environment protection and pets:

  1. We sort rubbish in the following way.
    Into the trashcans placed in the hall you can dump ONLY things like:
    – empty PET bottles drained of water and juices (not milk-packagings or yoghurt cups)
    – clean foil
    – paper (not derived from products like food or juices)
    – empty beer bottles
    – glass
    – empty tetra packagings drained of milk and juices
  2. Please, crease empty bottles to save space in trashcans.
    Other types of rubbish should by dumped into trashcans located in bathrooms and kitchenettes.
  3. Sanitary waste should be thrown into trashcan. Please, do not flush it down the toilet.
  4. Unless you use Samoniówka’s towels, please, put them aside.
  5. Before you leave your room, please, close windows and the balcony door. Turn off the light, as well as all electronic devices.
  6. Pets re allowed to stay in the residence only if this had been discussed with hosts earlier, during signing the agreement. Please, clean up after your pets!
  7. We would like to share some information about our pets, so that every guest could feel comfortable with them.
    We have two cats named Perla and Sherlock and a dogs: Watson, Shiro and Mariko. . The dog lives in our house, he enjoys to play and he’s very friendly to people. Nevertheless, we advise to keep reasonable distance to him.
    Perla is an old, clever catkin, that hounts a lot. She usually brings a pray to her favourite customers, such as mice, moles and birds. Please, be careful – if Perla doesn’t want to play or be caressed and you insist on it, she can hurt you. For your safety, keep reasonable distance to her.
    A cat called Sherlock, our youngest pet, is a kind of little imp and likes to play a lot. Each of the animals is vaccinated and visit a vet regularly.

In the end, we would like to mention that our pets eat their own food. Do not feed them, please.

If you have any questions or need to contact with us, we are at your disposal. You can find us at home (on the ground floor) in the evening. We are also available by phone: 607 507 879.

WI-FI password: samoniowka74

We are so much pleased to provide our guests a satisfying accomodation during their visit in lovely Nałęczów. We respect our customers needs and goods and expect the same attitude from our visitors.

Please, comply with our regulations and rules. Thank you!
We wish you a perfect leisure!
Monika & Radosław Samoń-Drzewiccy